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Suppose you invest a million in stocks, and your mood fluctuates with the numbers every day. The fluctuations in your mood make you feel uneasy every day. If you are stuck in a trap, you will not be able to get out of it for a few years, but if you buy your forite watch, even The price of a watch in the future will be far lower than the purchase price. You can always appreciate your forites by turning your wrist during the process of owning. That kind of refreshing and joyful spiritual satisfaction is the biggest reward of investing in a watch.'From 1999 to 2017, the Glashütte original perpetual calendar stepped into the classic step by step. The key is that the appearance of each generation has been upgraded very slowly and slowly. I don’t know which generation started in which year. The Glashütte original perpetual calendar wrist The reputation of watches among watch fans has become a classic in the field of perpetual calendars from a unique innovation. There are no ups and downs in the whole process, and it seems that it should he been that way.Written at the end, whether it is Rolls-Royce Cullinan or Bulgari Divas'Dream Minute Repeater Malachite watch, they all he a common feature, that is, they can control the 'malachite green'.





And this PP from the 1960s, when the big watch was not popular at the time, the size requirements for the movement were even higher.Through the transparent case back, you can carefully observe the inside of a watch. In the movement, there are many meshing gears, different-shaped levers, springs, delicately polished splints and screws, and a rapidly rotating balance spring. , The swaying automatic rotor... They are combined together, and they cooperate with each other meticulously. It is really an incredible and wonderful mechanical world! Secondly, not only the mechanical watch, but also the craftsmanship polished movement, so you appreciate the value Higher, it's like a backless skin. Smooth and flawless skin is more attractive. No matter how good a woman is, no one wants to see a woman with acne on her back and rough skin.Enamel powder is placed on the pure gold dial band. The enamel powder is fired and combined to show a gradual blue effect.



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